Solange Knowles Gives Special Tribute at TWEF Girls Mentoring Luncheon

Solange Knowles accepts TWEF award in honor of her mother, Tina Knowles and gives special words of wisdom to 200 young girls at the 2015 TWEF Mentoring Luncheon.

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TWEF Women & Money Luncheon 2015

TWEF hosts annual Women & Money luncheon to mentor 200 young girls from the city of Houston which featured Hot Topic Panelists: Dr. Sherry Blake and Guest speaker Solange Knowles.

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Deavra & TWEF’s Tribute Honoring the Legacy of Dr Myles & Ruthanne Munroe

Deavra Daughtry shows tribute the lives and legacy of Dr. Myles & Ruthanne Munroe.

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