TWEF is a non-profit organization geared towards helping families, from all walks of life; reach their fullest potential in the areas of business, education,finances, and socio-economic status. The focus of programming is therefore on the whole family; men,women, and youth. The Foundation works to achieve these goals by sponsoring successful programs aimed at helping families achieve and maintain a sense of empowerment that manifests itself through life performance.

The organization was founded in May 2002 by Dr. Deavra Daughtry, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Dr. Daughtry’s vision was to create an organization that would be a resource to families by providing them with the tools needed to achieve and maintain a sense of empowerment, while being inspired to reach their personal and professional goals. It was through her own struggles she began putting the pieces of her life together. She started a healthcare and management business that employs 600 and achieved ultimate success in spite of the lack of available resources. Dr. Daughtry knows all too well how helpful the kind of resources offered by the Foundation would have been to her as she began her journey and she has vowed to give back to the community by helping other families advance along the path to independence and self-reliance.

The Foundation offers an array of successful programs focused on meeting the needs, both personally and professionally. The organization’s programs are open to the general public; however an emphasis is placed on a targeted population of low to moderate income families from disadvantaged backgrounds and underserved communities. The Foundation serves families from throughout the state of Texas, but primarily focuses its activity in Houston, Texas.

Because of a successful track record and a tremendous response from families across the State, the Foundation has expanded its programs and services with a unique emphasis on men and teens.

Since its founding in 2002, the Foundation has garnered tremendous community support for its programs and events designed to support families in their journey to independence and self-reliance.